Landscape photography is one of photography most popular categories, unlike Portraits, Weddings, Fashion Photography, you can expect to start practicing the art straight away at your local beach, your city or even your own backyard. In this workshop your instructor will reveal the secrets of getting those amazing photographs you see in magazines, post cards and famous Landscape Photographers (saying that they still stand best in the industry as one must explorer, experiment, understand their own environment, lighting and this will take years of practice).

This is a class made for those who want to take breath-taking photos in travel, landscapes and taking your camera to it's maximum potentials. Accompanied by a Professional Photographer he/she will guide you every step of the way from answering questions to exercises that dig deep into your camera.

Join this info jam packed, interactive and fun class out at the beach

Duration: 3 Hours

Class Size: 10

Shooting Mode: Manual

This workshop will go through and learn how and when to use:
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speeds
  • White Balance
  • In Camera coloring
  • Shooting Manually
  • Auto Focusing vs Manual Focusing
  • Switching from Landscape Photographer to Travel (close to Street) Photographer's skill sets
  • Shooting HDR's and when to use them
  • Using and dealing with Filters (Polarisers, ND Filters, Big Stoppers and brackets associated)
  • Shooting Handheld vs Tripod Work
  • Dissecting Composition
  • Learning to see a shot
  • Use of Lines
  • Shooting Beaches and Piers

  • Equipment Requirements
  • DSLR highly recommended or Hybrid (Micro Four-Third Camera) with Full Manual capabilities
  • Tripod (Medium to large) recommended
  • Cable Release (or Remote) recommended but not essential (possibly not used depending on weather)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Warm Clothing for Winter Classes
  • Water