Excited about your child's first football match? Want to capture the winning goal at the perfect moment? Often parents think the DSLR will capture every goal, every tackle, every jump, avoid the disappointment of unbearable blurry out of focus photos.

In this session we will be visiting local football clubs which have allowed us to photograph their matches and training sessions. We will start off 1 hour before the matches start and practice the theory so we can be prepared to tackle on the action! Workshops will take place in Albert Park unless notified of change of location (depends where the games are).

Duration: 3 Hours

Class Size: 10

Shooting Mode: Manual, Shutter Priority (TV Mode)

This workshop will go through:

  • Fast Shutter Speeds
  • Use of Apertures
  • Appropriate ISO to use
  • Panning Shots
  • Dealing with Motion
  • Creating Motion Blur
  • Shooting different subjects - Athletics, Contact Sports and Motor-sports(photographing fast moving cars)
  • Equipment and the complications of light

  • Equipment Requirements
  • DSLR Recommended or Hybrid (Micro Four-Third Camera) with Full Manual capabilities
  • Tripod Optional but Monopod would be a bonus
  • Long Lens - 55mm-250mm or a 18mm-55mm standard lenses will do. If you have a super telephoto lens (300mm) will be extra bonus
  • Warm Clothing and comfortable walking shoes
  • Water