Wedding Photography an essential genre that is part of everyone. You one day start to enjoy coffee, then wine, then the DSLR, then you are attending weddings! Hurry and book your way into this info jam packed session and practice shooting with a bride and groom walking the streets of Melbourne. We will go through the difficulties and skill sets required when shooting on location, indoors and outdoors.

Duration: 4 Hours

Class Size: 8

Shooting Mode: Manual

This masterclass workshop will go through:
  • Camera Techniques
  • Equipment
  • Lighting with Artificial Light - Elinchrom Gear
  • Posing
  • Composition and Framing
  • Shooting on Location and identifying areas to shoot
  • Difficulties faced

  • Equipment Requirements
  • DSLR only
  • Lenses you may have
  • $180