Melbourne City Wanderer steps you into the perspective of a tourist or a travel photographer while a local photographer guides you throughout the walk and showing you how to utilise the camera to take awesome photographs.

Melbourne City Wanderer combines a Photography lesson with exercises to help you understand the camera, a guided tour and of course a heap of fun!

The walks will take you through the Melbourne CBD streets, lane-ways and popular tourist attractions. Learning these skills in this Photography Walk is an excellent way to apply these to your travel photography when you just don't know what's around the corner.

You'll find as we move through out each location we add a new skill to the list, so close to the end of the workshop, you'll pretty much know what to do!

Duration: 3 Hours

Class: 10

Shooting Mode: Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority Mode

This workshop will go through and learn:
  • Effective use of Aperture Priority Mode (AV Mode) and Shutter Priority Mode (TV mode)
  • Focusing Modes (When to use what and how it is accomplished)
  • ISO (When to change it and how to know what ISO settings to use)
  • Getting it 'in Camera' correct and Coloring
  • Compositions and Angles to use
  • Capturing Buildings and Street Photography
  • Equipment Requirements
  • DSLR Recommended or Hybrid (Micro Four-Third Camera) with Full Manual capabilities
  • 2 Lenses Maximum, it's all about traveling light!
  • Tripod (Medium to large if you are continuing to the Night Photography section. Most indoor places won't allow use of tripods)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Warm Clothing for Winter Classes
  • Water
  • $150