Got a speedlite? Too afraid to use it? Many times you hear the flash speelite has been purchased but sits in the bag as it's a mystery to many. This is a class you won't want ot miss as it dives photographers into the world of Flash Photography. Speelites are easy to carry and highly effective for those high-key, backlit, dramatic shots you want to add to your portraiture and location photography. From shooting indoor parties, receptions, weddings or just simple portraiture, you'll find that the flash is not so mysterious at all but can be a photographers best friend. It will open up a whole new realm of photography and you wont be able to put it down(well hope you don't take it to bed at least!)

Duration: 3 Hours

Class Size: 10

Shooting Mode: Aperture Priority (AV Mode), Shutter Priority (TV Mode) and Manual

This workshop will teach you how to use:
  • Speedlite functonality
  • Ambient light and flash
  • Exposure Triangle relevant to Flash
  • Over powering the sun or ambient light
  • Shooting bright days
  • Shooting with Gels (color the flash)
  • Off Camera Flash
  • Dealing with High Speed
  • Light Bouncing
  • Using Light Modifiers
  • This course will benefit those who want to step into Flash Photography and Indoor Lighting

    Equipment Requirements
  • DSLR Recommended
  • Lenses you might want to bring (standard lenses will do 18mm-55mm)
  • Flash Speedlite!
  • $180